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"How will you deal with our customers in isolated towns?"

It's an issue that comes up often when we do business with Canadian banks and credit unions - and it's a question that not all American companies have a good answer for. When customers are located hundreds of miles from a major city, or in towns only accessible for part of the year, they need equipment that doesn't break down often, and reasonable service times if it does. That's why we've designed our scanners to be the most durable in the business, and teamed up with Canadian logistics experts to make sure we can deliver when and where your customers need us to.

Simple and Built to Last

Digital Check's scanners have a reputation as the most reliable in the industry, because we build our machines for the long haul. We use high-quality parts, and assemble all of our scanners at our factory in the United States. Our equipment is designed to use the fewest moving parts and failure points possible, which leads to life cycles in the millions of items. See our product design page for more about how our scanners are made to endure the test of time.

Coverage for 90% of Canada within 4 Hours

We partnered with Canadian IT experts Soroc Technology to provide fast delivery and on-site repairs and maintenance from Vancouver to Newfoundland. By operating dozens of "mini-warehouses" in both major metro areas and less-populated regions, Soroc promises service within 4 hours to all but the most isolated rural areas of Canada, with extended coverage to 100% of the map. Standing inventory and parts are kept on hand locally so that long transit times and international shipping are not an issue. Our distributed service model also means some of the lowest costs for deployment and maintenance in all of Canada.

For more about how we serve remote communities, see our case studies and white papers page.

Image Enhancement Tools Get the Job Done Right the First Time

When you're receiving an image of an original document that's hundreds of miles away, an unreadable item can be a disaster for your back office. Digital Check's proprietary image enhancement and advanced thresholding technologies help you take on that most difficult 1-2% of cheques and problem documents before they make it into your processing queue. Our special document handling techniques have been shown to reduce "critical" exceptions from background interference, weak or off-color printing, and many other image-quality problems by up to 90%. Click here to read more about our advanced imaging capabilities.


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